Stef Dunlap
Professional Human

I believe teams bound by inclusion, kindness, and empathy achieve their goals and feel good about their work.

Pronouns: she/her



BSc, computer science; Purdue University (Indianapolis)
3.9 GPA; graduated with highest honors; mathematics minor

Other Education

GnM; science; University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati)
4.0 GPA; biology and chemistry

Grad; computer science; Purdue University (Indianapolis)
teaching assistant; intern director; computer vision and computer graphics

Undergrad; ancient Greek; Cincinnati Christian University (Cincinnati)
4.0 GPA; Foster Scholarship grant

Work Experience

Computer System Analyst, Focal Point NDE Technologies. (2020–present)

Implemented automated testing framework and CI for a legacy C++ application. Gathered requirements by interviewing stakeholders, wrote stories/tickets, prioritized backlog to improve software delivery. Coached Agile methodologies. Migrated team to git version control, and taught git workflows. Organized hiring effort, and coordinated hiring of two engineers.

Manager of Software Development, Chisel AI. (2020–2020)

Led team of five engineers building machine learning application which extracts insurance data from policies, quotes, and binders to eliminate errors and omissions.

Worked with AWS lambdas, Comprehend, Rekognition, CloudWatch, and Textract. Collaborated with data scientist to propose experiments and analyse results for Natural Language Processing (NLP), Named Entity Recognition (NER), and Computer Visions (CV) / Image Recognition approaches.

Engineering Manager, Pivotal Software. (2017–2020)

Led team of seven engineers across multiple projects.

Pair programmed with teams creating cloud platform automation software using React.js, Ruby on Rails, BASH, and Go.

Delivered sophisticate PCI compliant role based access control (RBAC) using OAuth with plugable, bring-your-own identity provider: SAML or LDAP.

Founder, KiwiDonut LLP. (2016–2017)

Led a team of engineers consulting on Node.js API for integrating a front-end with a cloud contract signing service. Created React.js front-end for land inventory management application. Taught TDD, agile planning, and extreme programming to client engineers and novice engineers.

Senior Software Engineer, Pivotal Labs. (2015–2016)

Anchor engineer of the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Billing and Account Management team using Ruby on Rails, agile planning, test driven development, extreme programming.

Independent Contractor, Tom Dunlap LLP. (2014–2015)

Clients include: CanDo and RevSpring Inc. Programmed Ruby on Rails business tier for health care billing and electronic record tracking. Instructed and coached test driven development. Acted as liaison between national offices and integrating disparate technology of merged companies in Cincinnati, OH and Phoenix, AZ.

Software Developer, Roadtrippers. (2013–2014)

Back end Ruby on Rails and dev-ops developer for successful travel planning start-up in Cincinnati. Orchestrated migration from MongoDB to PostGIS including data move, and ODM/ORM code replacement.

Independent Contractor, Mediafuel. (2011–2012)

Dev-ops server administration, MySQL database administration, and PHP business tier development for advertising company in Fishers, IN.

Technology Consultant, Ransburg Scout Reservation. (seasonally 2005–2014)

PostgreSQL database administration, network administration, hardware installation for Boy Scouts of America summer camp in Bloomington, IN.

Technical Experience

API by Randall Munroe

Open Source

GitHub motevets

Active contributor to open source projects including:


Researched statistical models of pose estimation using Active Shape Models implemented in C++/OpenCV at Purdue University.

Researched using Recurrent Neural Networks + CUDA to generate novel last names given certain criteria (e.g. starting with consonant, having eight letters, etc.)

Technical Skills

Extensive Experience


Executive Skills


Eagle Scout Rank (Boy Scouts of America)
Highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America.

Gersting Award (Purdue University, Indianapolis)
Highest honor given to graduating student in Computer Science program.

Other Awards:

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